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The importance of software for project management in construction

Are you facing a complex project and you are looking for software for project management in construction? You should be familiar with software from Adorni Ltd. This is an advanced software for managing projects in Hebrew, ideal for construction projects.

The software is based on a fully responsive system combined with an Android app, and includes a simple and user-friendly intuitive interface. In addition, the software provides three types of views for use, of Gantt, tabs and charts, from which everyone can choose the convenient and appropriate view. The software is offered in a variety of communication packages to choose from, from free construction project management software to unlimited software.

Why even need project management software in construction

A construction project on any scale, from a private home to a residential building, is a complex process that involves a large number of professionals, works, materials, bills of quantities and the like. These are also expensive projects that require a high level of coordination and adherence to schedules. If so, in order for a complex construction or renovation project to be successful, it is required in an ongoing management and monitoring system, which can be streamlined with the help of dedicated management software.

In fact, nowadays there is almost no construction project that is not accompanied by an advanced management system. Such software significantly increases the level of accuracy in managing and tracking project progress, with up-to-date data that can be viewed from anywhere, time and digital device. With the help of the management software, you can know at the click of a button where each task in the construction project stands, how much money has been spent on each stage and whether there is a delay in schedules, and if so - how it will affect the continuation of work.

The software also provides a particularly effective tool for construction project managers thanks to an overview of the entire project, and the ability to examine any expected or possible scenario. In addition, the software provides a constant reminder of the stage at which each task is in the project, including a reminder to order raw materials in the right quantity and at the right time, and the ability to monitor the work of the various teams, make sure they are close and deviate from the architectural plan.

Thus, instead of trying to remember what to do now in the project, or walking around with a cumbersome binder full of paperwork, you can at any given moment and with the click of a button get up-to-date information from the mobile device or tablet about the project status and tasks.

Download schedule management software

Free software for project management in free construction is offered directly through our website. Also for more information, technical support and professional advice on the subject, leave your details on the website or contact Adorani Ltd. at +972559966252.