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What is this cloud?
Cloud that online service that can be used by the browser and device knows perform online web communication.
Files can be stored in the cloud software and services.
The cloud is very common in recent years as it gives easy solution for storing and running programs online.
Cloud can be found in games software and servers storing movies and photos.
Most of the world's largest companies providing online services running on a cloud public cloud we Details.

Project management in the cloud
Photo of project management in the cloud

What this project management?
In another article, we explain our much about what Froiktm management.
We have a big task, and there is a clear objective which has budget and time table, this project.
Project creator is usually the same director.
There are several ways to whom he can manage Hfroikim including through pen and paper, an Excel file or any other authority permitting him watching and monitoring the contents of the project such as

What this project management in the cloud?
Taking software that enables project management, put it in the cloud, allowing in this way to manage projects by service in the cloud, the cloud is usually carried out by a browser, whether stationary or mobile computer or smartphone.
This idea of conducting the cloud is the option to access the service from anywhere and at any time without restriction. The cloud allows direct access from any device 24 to 7 without any limitations and barriers.

Why run it in the cloud?
Because it's faster, it's safer, all information is stored in one place, everyone can allow or not allow access to this simple and convenient !!
No need to worry about organizing a dedicated computer or office on which any software is installed, there is no need to worry about certain licenses and their renewal time.
There is no need to be worried about storage space or different backups. All Cloud Management and backed up automatically and without any restrictions and inhibitions.
There are cases where the cloud even more available local installation of software project management.

Is it safe to run it in the cloud?
Numerous studies show that the cloud today are at a lesser risk than services provided on-premise.
Bannisnm more advanced security services, online updated from thousands of websites in the world.
Project Management in the cloud will allow everyone to watch simultaneously together or separately progress of the project and the tasks which allow Htcbtboiot Brie and various users of the project.

What is the advantage of project management software in the cloud over local?

There are plenty:
Ahbtt information
Snitnol different access privileges change just a click
Lftofl available from any device, desktop or mobile device.
Cloud software is always updated online every update regardless of where the user needs to install the update.
There is consistency across all using a single software without functional changes or graphics.
Short and to the point, project management software in the cloud it