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introduction systems software market there are many good ah-whatshisname as systems EPR or CRM systems. some of these systems, their architecture is the basis and extensions, so-called modules. modules typically used as those SELL UP systems. some existing products among other modules are called oil professional project management module. who have a legitimate advantages but also disadvantages you should size up. benefits are modules enrich the already existing software and enable it more widely used , cons modules which usually expensive and not flexible to the needs of the customer and are often due to problems of implementation Organizer of the basic system of its modules themselves are embedded optimally and allow a comfortable working system. compared to these modules exist Bock software STAND ALONE independent enable the main uses modules give and beyond. basis of these programs is obviously and easily used in the operation. we are in we have developed an independent system STAND ALONE for Project management. system development ideas derived from a real problem that exists in most of the modules we mentioned above usability and comfort We opened a parked simple and easy to operate throughout the organization will adopt it immediately and will be integrated with RIGHT AWAY. true, our system is not part of the whole enterprise but is an excellent solution for those companies who are having to carry out implementation of the Project Management module of its organization. < br> We have invested years of thought and development system is so amazing and convenient to use such a short time you can establish an extensive user with different permissions and setting up projects fast and agile. Unlike modules that other systems large and cumbersome, we we put an emphasis on usability and user experience, so to those who take it and would love to use it without worrying about the needs of special deployment. image of the project management module Why choose an external system and module? Typically, a module is not a major part of the core of such a system or otherwise, its development will be thin with some capabilities to declare, we also have a module one or Ahr.obhlk cases, a company that markets a module does not have the desire and ability to promote and invest in the capabilities module thus out that you have a module of project management but does not meet the basic need which . external system usually answer the need for full and if not easier application development company has come that all Msabihmskiah system gives a response module project management and more. which external system instead choose a module? the main parameters that should be the parameters for selecting the system are: Price ease of use design flexibility can support and service of the company that provides the flexibility development and more .. We recommend that you check the software project management module in place and then make the right decision most of your organization. Is project management module can be a substitute for project management? We do not think project management module can substitute unless the need is really quite thin, with no special requirements need to remember module is part of a larger and often have branched great difficulty in understanding its purpose and its flexibility or ways to connect. example in some organizations to work with a system in which the module has a dedicated organization to connect using the so-called VPN then creates an additional restriction that allows for example to use the module through mobile devices and devices and then forcing the end user to work only sending computer. external systems to open standards Hmkbolim today the market are often adjusted to allow connectivity to mobile and from any source of a communication unit.