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Privacy Policy

We, Adorani Company Ltd. which operate the Projecteam.tools website and system (hereinafter: "we" or "the Company" and "the System") respect your privacy and are obliged to you to keep this privacy policy (hereinafter: "the Privacy Policy"). The purpose of the policy is to explain how the System works with anything that has to do with its users' privacy, and how the System uses the data given to it by you or collected by it during its use.

The Privacy Policy is a complement to the terms of use document https://projecteam.tools/agreement, to which each user of the System is obligated, adds upon it without detracting from it, and is an integral part of it.

It shall be clarified, that this Privacy Policy refers to the information which is given by you when contacting the Company for the purpose of receiving the System services, and/or when using the System website. The data which you store as part of the use of the System is not a part of this information, and it is wholly owned by you. As a rule, the Company does not regularly access this information and does not use it for its own needs beyond what is required for the proper functioning of the System.

Storing information in the System

When registering for the System and its usage (whether it is done directly and/or indirectly via third-party systems and/or business partners and/or third parties related to the System), data regarding yourself and the activity you manage using the System is collected, stored and processed within the System. Part of the information is given by you directly and allows your personal identification, for example, full name, address, e-mail address, phone number, credit card details, details regarding projects you manage, your areas of practice, employees and customers, etc. This information is used for the services of the System and allows you to use the System properly and completely which serves you and meets your needs. Some of this information must be provided by you during the registration process in order to use the System. You are not obligated to comply, of course, however without providing this information you will not be able to use the System.

Additionally, certain data is indirectly gathered regarding you and your activity within the System. A part of this data is statistical and cumulative, such as the pages you browsed on the website, frequency of use, interest in advertisements within the website, and technical issues. This data is personal and is saved and processed for purposes of research, control development, and the general improvement of the System. Another part of this data is saved or processed beside your user card and allows better tailoring of the System services for you.

The use of the data collected, including every form or document produced by the System, will only be made according to this Privacy Policy or the provisions of any law, and while maintaining the confidentiality and security of the information.

The System makes use of acceptable and appropriate security measures to maintain and protect the integrity and confidentiality of the information within the System. Yet, much like any other system, the System cannot fully and completely guarantee its security, therefore we do not guarantee that the System services will be completely immune from any intrusion and/or unauthorized access.

Should your specific field of occupation and/or the information which you enter into the System require data security and/or secrecy demands that are unique and/or different from what is common, it is your responsibility to make sure that the System answers to your needs and the System will not be held accountable in any shape and/or form to any of the consequences of your use of the system, beyond what is specified in the terms of use.


The System uses cookies and other similar technological means for the purpose of its ongoing and proper management and for the purpose of improving the services provided through it. Part of the cookies we use was designed to enable the proper and secure operation of the System, and without embedding them in your browser the System could not function properly. Another part of the cookies we use was designed to collect statistical and other types of data of your use of the System. We use this data in order to improve our System, tailor it to you, save your login details so you will not need to type them every time you log in, etc. Additionally, we make use of cookies which refer data to third-party systems, both for statistical analysis and learning of the use of the System and for identifying your personal preferences and suiting the System's browsing and advertisements to you. If you are not interested in accepting cookies you can avoid that by changing your browser's setting and blocking the option of embedding cookies. Moreover, you can delete your browsing history at any time, and in the process also delete your embedded cookies. However, it is important to know that doing so might hinder the experience of using the website.

In addition, it is also important to know that while using the System, advertisements, and marketing offers are displayed, among other things, that are not directly implemented by the System, but by third parties who had received the System's permission to advertise in it. These third parties might and can make use of cookies not directly related to the System, subjected to the privacy terms of those third parties.

E-mail, phone messages, and marketing offers

As part of using the System website, e-mail or phone messages may be sent to you from time to time, for example when registering to the System, when executing certain actions, and when there is an update and/or any change related to the System. Also, from time to time we will send you newsletters, links to professional articles, updates related to the System, information about special offers and packages in the System, etc.

Additionally, from the to time the System will send you via e-mail information regarding our and/or our business partners' services that may interest you, as well as other marketing and advertising information. You may ask us at any time to stop sending you these marketing e-mails, via means detailed within these messages.

Publication of data outside of Israel

As a rule, the Company operates from within Israel. Any transfer of data abroad will be made in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law, including the Protection of Privacy Regulations (Transfer of Information to Databases Outside the State's Boards), 2001. As part of this, the Company uses the services of AWS – Ireland for storing the users' data saved in the System.

Transferring data to a third party

The Company will not transfer your personal information and the data collected of your activity on the website to any third parties, except in the cases detailed below:

  • In any case where you would purchase and/or request to register for service in the System that is provided by and/or in cooperation with third parties (including combined service as defined above), the details needed for registering and supplying the service will be transferred to said third party;
  • In any case where you would request to link your System's account and/or give access to the System to anyone on your behalf, such as employees, costumers, project or certain operation partners, etc.;
  • In case of a legal dispute between you and the Company that will require the disclosure of your details;
  • Should you perform illegal actions on the website;
  • Should an appropriate court order be obtained, and in any case where there is another obligation by law;
  • In case of the System and/or any part of it being sold and/or transferred to any third party, including merging, provided that the party receiving the information agrees to meet the obligations under this Privacy Policy;
  • In case you would ask us to transfer your information to any third party.
In addition, in the course of its day-to-day operations, the Company may be assisted by and/or make use of external systems and suppliers that provide it with services related to the System: development, collection, management, statistical analysis, improving System performance, etc. In any such case, we strictly use suppliers and systems which have a high level of security and privacy, and also make sure that only the required information needed to complete the actions is transferred to said external supplier, subject to its obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information as required.

Data browsing, correction, and deletion

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, any person has the right to browse the information related to him/her that stored within a database. You, of course, are also entitled to that right. If while browsing our data for saved information related to you, you will find that it is incorrect, incomplete, unclear or out of date, you may address us and request to revise or delete it. In addition, and to the extent that the information relates solely to direct mail services to you (as defined by law), you may require us to delete your contact information from our database. In that case, we would delete your information details used to send you commercial offers, however other pieces of information might still be kept in the System and in the database according to the law.

As a rule, the data stored by the user in the System will be saved indefinitely according to the requirements of the law and the settings of the user who owns the data. Upon termination of the services and the contact between you and the Company, and subject to the provisions of the law, we will delete the data stored in the Company's systems that belong to you, and you will release the Company from any responsibility for deleting this data.

Such inquires can be addressed to us, by e-mail: [email protected]
We will respond and reply to your inquiry as soon as possible. To the extent that we will refuse your request, you may of course apply to the Magistrates Court in accordance with the provisions of the law and request that it will direct us to act as per your request.

Updating and revising the Privacy Policy

The System will be allowed to revise and update the Privacy Policy from time to time. Should substantial changes be made to the Privacy Policy which relate to your personal information stored in the System, a notice of this will be published on the home page of the System and/or via an e-mail sent to the users of the System, at the sole discretion of the company.